Hair Dresser, Eco Hair Dresser, Masters in Hair Dressing 2023

Because you deserve the best. From the high quality materials used while pampering you, to the excellent skills of Suvi's hands, to the ambience you are immersed into, Sujula is all about YOU.

Since she started her business in 2011, Suvi has taken her created exceptional standards that you can only find within the four walls of the Finnish stone center where Parturi Kampaamo Sujula is located. As a young entrepreneur, Suvi's goal has always been to never rush her customers. When you book an appointment with Suvi, you get an experience of knowing that your hair, your well being and your satisfaction is what drives our business model. From haircuts, to perms, Up-do's, trims, highlights and even Suvi's Sound powered Relaxing stress massage,

Come, rest your weary shoulders and give into the pampering treatments offered to you by Suvi Laskar, a certified Eco Hairdresser and soon to graduate in a Masters in Hairdressing. Utilizing hair products that are suited for each individual, you can rest be assured that you will leave your appointment feeling like a new YOU.

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