Girl lying on mossy hill in forest

WElcome to your very own nordic experience!



Handmade, sustainable eco-products for your heart, mind and body. Made with love by Finnish entrepreneurs using the purest natural ingredients found and grown across this Arctic wonderland, this is your chance to live, smell and feel like we do in the Nordics!

Photographer: Kukkamaria Kokkonen


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Biomimetic Hairscience

Discover Partawa
Finlands finest beard products

Do you want to experience a piece of the pure north?

Ivalonatural shampoo bars

Handmade Shampoo & Conditioner soap bars, made with natural ingredients sourced from the Arctic landscape of Finnish Lapland.

From Blueberries to Cloudberries, Mint, Cranberries and more you experience the sensuality of Finnish Lapland as it has been for thousands of years.


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