A story of dreams coming true...

Marshall Laskar & Suvi Laskar

Meet Suvi &

When did they meet? 10 years ago. She was in Finland, he was in Canada. Was it love at first sight? Absolutely! What happened? She flew to Canada to meet him, He flew to Finland to start a business and to be with her.

Suvi, born within the rustic confines of Juuka, has spent her whole life exploring and absorbing the beauty of Finnish nature. Her passion for nature has pushed her to be one of the few Eco-Hairdressers in the region, and while representing the Green party within the local government, she strives to educate and promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, pushing to preserve the beauty of our world for future generations. Being a hair-dresser, she has shared the joys and struggles of her customers, created new bonds with new customers, and has pushed forward with her dream to open a store that promotes Finnish made products, especially supporting Women

entrepreneurs and unique concepts in Environmentally friendly products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Starting Sujula out of the back room of her tiny hair salon, the warm and cozy Retail store was born in the winter of 2020, opening its doors within the "Suomen Kivikeskus", a EU moderated building dedicated to the Soap stone production that put Juuka on the map.

And who is Marshall? Born in New Delhi, India, Marshall moved through places on the tails of his Army father, exploring India for its unique diversity and rich culture. When he immigrated to Canada in 2005, a complicated surgery gave him his first experience of hearing. Thats right! Born with hearing problems, with over 26 ear surgries under his belt (not literally), and relying solely on lip reading through his life, a innovative new method called the BAHA Implant gave Marshall the chance to hear the birds sing. His new found hearing made him realize he had the gift of gab, and his inner marketing and sales skills verbalized. A graduate in International Business and Economics from IBMI, Germany, Marshall loves telling the world about his experiences as an Immigrant in Finland, its Archipelagos, Lakes, ways of life and Natural beauty.

Marshall and Suvi live their normal rustic life in a 80 year old log home, built by hand back in the days when a car was a strange sight to see. They are raising two wonderful Findian kids who understand what it is to appreciate the life they have, where they can explore forests, collect berries, swim in beautiful lakes, smell the scent of pine trees, walk barefoot on moss covered hills and observe natural wildlife like rabbits, deer, moose, foxes and more from the comfort of their quaint little town, Juuka.

We want to share our life with you. The thrills of seeing the Northern lights, the first snow of the winter, the taste of freshly picked produce from the forests, shared between humans and animals, the exoticism of making a garland with colorful flowers on a midsummer day, or the numerous hikes through forests unknown, just to camp by a glistening silver lake by the moonlight. Considering the state of 2020, We wish that this year will be your best, and that we get to be a part of it. So, experience a taste of the nordics! From Hand pressed soaps made purely out of natural materials, to soothing balms, nourishing conditioners and more. Here is your chance to get a feel of the nordics, right in your own home. Love your day!


Why We Do What We Do

"With Love from the Nordics"

Natural products

Recycled Materials

Sujula is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact to the planet. Recycled Materials is a key factor in our sustainable solution.

No Toxic Chemicals

We want to live in a way that betters our planet and believe in maintaining the balance between human activity and natural processes. That is why our products are focused on improving the health of the global ecosystem.