A wonderful shampoo made from herbs, calendula and chamomile which have been used for many decades to keep hair healthy and well nourished. Helps you keep your beautiful hair the way it is. For daily use. Handmade with love.


Amnatur - Organic Calendula Shampoo

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Marigold and chamomile extract, veg surfactants, guar flour, sodium benzoate, lavender and rosewood oil. Inci: Herbal infusion: (calendula officinalis, matricaria chamomilla decoct), decyl glucoside, sodiumcoccoamhoacetate, glycerin, laurylglucoside, sodium cocoylglutamate, sodium laurylglucosidecarboxylate, guarhydroxypropyltrimonora, sodium benzoate, sodium benzoate, aniba

250 ml
* organic / eco-certified raw material pure natural product