Nourishing shampoo made of peat and hemp oil. The beneficial fatty acids in the oils nourish dry and damaged hair. The moisture-retaining property of peat strengthens, gives shine and volume to the hair. Made by hand - with love for you.

Amnatur - Organic Hemp Shampoo for dry/normal hair

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VAT Included

Water, detergents *, peat, hemp oil *, guar flour *, apple cider vinegar *, preservative, rosemary, orange and eucalyptus oil. Inci: Aqva, decyl glucoside, sodiumcoccoamhoacetate, glycerin, laurylglucoside, sodium cocoylglutamate, sodium laurylglucosidecarboxylate, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium, cannabis sativa, peat, acetum, sodium benzoate, Rosmarinus officinalis oil, citrus sinens
250 ml
* = organic / eco-certified raw material pure natural product

For external use only. Cannot be ingested.

No CBD or THC  in the product’s composition.