This Organic Soap & shampoo washes and purifies both the hair and body, while maintaining the natural balance of moisture and encouraging softness.

The healing effect of jojoba oil makes the skin soft and smooth, gives the hair a beautiful shine and nourishes the scalp. The Mild yet fresh aroma of lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus rejuvinates you as you step out of the shower, following you for the whole day.

Amnatur - Organic Soap & Shampoo for Men

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Peppermint water *, green tea *, detergents *, guar flour *, jojoba oil *, preservative (sodium benzoate), xanthan *, lemon *, grapefruit * and eucalyptus oil *. Inci: Herbal infusion: (mentha piperita, green tea decoct), decyl glucoside, sodiumcoccoamhoacetate, glycerin, laurylglucoside, sodium cocoylglutamate, sodium laurylglucosidecarboxylate, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium, xusonus oil, Simmondsia chinesis, citrusisadi, citrus paradiis limonum oil, citrus paradise oil, citrus limonum oil, eucalyptus radiata oil.

250 ml

* = organic / eco-certified raw material pure natural product