• 100% degradable
  • Made from sustainable bamboo and cotton
  • Sustainably-grown bamboo
  • Eco-friendly and socially responsible


Bamboo Q-tips

Stylish and smooth Bamboo Q-tips with a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. Cotton with natural coloring on the ends. 200 pcs of swab per pack.

Using these little plastic buddies used to be a real treat, but such a strain on the environment. They ended up being discarded here and there, clogging up sewers and ending up in our landfills. Presenting, the first cotton swab that can be used with a clean conscience and moreover, proudly be put on display in your bathroom! Made from bamboo and cotton, this little buddy is as useful as its plastic counterpart but without any nastiness and also 100% biodegradable. Packaging made from 100% recycled paper provides a useful dispenser with minimal footprint.



Bamboo grows very quickly. Some species up to one meter per day. The production yield of bamboo is many times greater than that of trees on the same land area. Therefore, several harvests per year are also possible. New stems grow out, which makes replanting unnecessary. This in turn has a positive influence on soil stability. The plant is also naturally resistant to insects and fungi, and can therefore be grown without pesticides. Bamboo is a better alternative for the climate. It gives a high oxygen production and it absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces more than 30% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo is a fantastic renewable material that grows quickly without the need of added fertilizer. The perfect choice for disposables such as toothbrushes, combs and similar products.

The most important benefits of bamboo are:

Bamboo has a long lifespan, is hard, durable and durable
Due to the compact fiber structure, bamboo is harder than many other types of wood
Is very stable, due to little shrinkage / expansion
Bamboo thrives well under both wet and dry conditions
Bamboo contains no toxic substances and causes no allergies

Bambu - Q-tips - 200pieces

VAT Included