Liquor vinegar-based cleaning spray for cleaning home surfaces. Contains only 100% essential oils and natural ingredients, making cleaning pleasant.


The scent of Moroccan Mint will take you on an exciting adventure into the deep waters of the Marracesh squares with its spicy mint scent. The fragrance contains Eucalyptus essential oils with antibacterial properties to add freshness.


French Rosemary is a sophisticated blend of rosemary and pine essential oils. The scent has a slight hint of fresh and woody scent of conifers. Pine essential oil has antibacterial properties.



This domestic product is made in small production in Nurmijärvi. Liquor vinegar is acidic and therefore the cleaning spray is not recommended for polyacrylate, aluminum, marble, limestone or old enamel basins. The packaging material is recyclable PET plastic. Spray on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a damp cloth. No need to rinse.


Candle Light Story - Cleaning Spray

VAT Included

Moroccan Mint: aqua (vesi), acetic acid (väkiviinaetikka), sodium chloride (merisuola), dekyyliglukosidi, mentha piperita (piparmintun eteerinen öljy) , eucalyptus globulus leaf (eukalyptuksen eteerinen öljy).


French Rosemary: aqua (vesi), acetic acid (väkiviinaetikka), sodium chloride (merisuola), dekyyliglukosidi, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil (rosmariinin eteerinen öljy) & pinus sylvestris oil (männyn eteerinen öljy).