This cleaning soap is a multifunctional product for the whole home, handcrafted in Finland, with which you clean your home efficiently and naturally, from the kitchen to the bathroom. You can also buy cleaning soap as a grater.


The scent of Andalusian Lemon is a wonderfully tart and at the same time juicy blend of different citrus essential oils. Delicious citrus scents that refresh and elevate the mood.


French Rosemary is a sophisticated and refreshing, with a hint of sweetish scent of rosemary essential oil.


The scent of Moroccan Mint will take you on an adventure into the depths of Marrakesh’s exciting markets with its fresh and refreshing mint scent.


With hand soap made in Finland, you clean your home efficiently and naturally, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Lightly rub a damp cleaning cloth or sponge on the surface of the soap, lather and clean the surfaces. Ideal for ceramic hobs, taps, chrome and raster surfaces, for example, because the soap does not leave streaks on the surfaces. Effectively cleans stubborn dirt as well as greasy dirt. It is also possible to rub this soap on stained clothes, leaving it on for a while before machine washing. This cleaning soap is also suitable for use outside the home, e.g. lots of washing, garden furniture, carpet laundry and hobby equipment. Can also be grated with a tablespoon, soaked in warm water and used as a cleaning spray. A very rich, natural and effective cleanser. 


How is this cleaning soap different from regular skin soap? Soaps for the skin leave unsaponifiable fat due to over-greasing, which makes them gentle and caring for the skin. The cleaning soap is not over-greased, but all the grease is saponified with the lye *, making it a rich, hard and very effective cleaning soap. Therefore, cleaning soap is not recommended for use on skin cleansing. However, cleaning soap is not harmful to the skin and inhalation, as are many cleaners that contain strong chemicals.


* The lye together with the coconut fat saponifies, ie it turns into soap and there is no more lye left in the finished soap.


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