The softly scented Candle Light Story soy wax candles bring a touch of luxury to your everyday life. Give yourself a moment by the heat of the candle. Let new stories be born.


Candle Light Story soy wax candles were born from one woman’s dream of creating something small and beautiful at hand in every home. The candles are handmade in Finland. 100% soy wax as raw material. The candle burns with a stem-type, gently crackling wooden heart.


Burn time up to 30h when properly burned. The wax surface of the candle should be allowed to melt from edge to edge with each burn. The charred part of the heart must be folded out before the candle is lit again. Instructions for burning the candle provided at the base of the candle.


Candle Light Story - Scented Soy candles

VAT Included