Imagine if you could use the same spray bottle to clean everything for its full life cycle. When the all-purpose detergent runs out, you would fill the bottle with tap water and drop the tablet into the bottle and voila! you have a new bottle of cleaning spray! No more cupboards packed with hundreds of different types of bottles.

With one bottle you can clean your whole home. With Filling it cleaning tablets, you can make cleaning your home easy, fun and ecological.


Use: Add one tablet to 250ml of water, wait 10 minutes and your eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner is ready. From the package of eco-cleaning tablets you get 1.5 liters of ready-made cleaning spray. Note! Do not close the bottle cap until the tablet has dissolved. Do not shake. The finished eco-cleaning spray is suitable for all water-washable surfaces in your the home. Also cleans mirror and glass surfaces. Refreshes and removes nasty odors.

Ekopure - Filling It all-purpose detergent tablets (Peppermint) - 6 tablets

VAT Included

Potassium sorbate (Kaliumsorbaatti/Kaliumsorbat), Natriumcarbonate (Ruokasooda/Bicarbonat), Citric Acid (Sitruunahappo/Citronsyra),
Natriumbicarbonate (Pesusooda/Natriumkarbonat), Magnesiumsulphate (Epsom suola/Epsomsalt), Anioniset tensidit (Anjoniska tensider) 5-15%, Amofeeriset tensidit (Amoferiska tensider) 5-15%, Mct-öljy/Mct-Olja Note! Contains: geraniol, limonene, linalool Warning: Causes serious eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.