A natural bristle brush that makes hair shiny and smooth without breaking the hair.


The Ibero Eco Friendly hairbrush  is a sustainable choice - both in terms of service life and ecological angle. 


The shaft material of the Eco Friendly brushes is fast-growing MOSO bamboo. Bamboo cultivation does not require fertilizers or pesticides and is therefore a more ecological choice than wood. The use of stem bamboo does not deprive pandas of food, as pandas only feed on bamboo whose leaves they reach. There are about 2,000 pandas in China, most of whom live in the Sichuan area. Ibero bamboo material does not come from this area. Bamboo is also antibacterial and stays clean easily.


The bristles from the genuine brush smooth and polish the hair gently without breaking the hair.


Use: After using on wet hair, dry the bristles in an airy place without soaking the brush in water.

Ibero - Eco friendly Hairbrush/Beard brush - Natural bristles

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