CloudBerry Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo  - The shampoo nourishes and moisturizes the hair. The frosting extract contained in the shampoo in almond oil brings care to the hair. Ylang ylang and cedar tree oil pampers the scalp, helps with hair growth and treats dry scalps. The shampoo is also suitable for scaly scalp.


Blueberry Gentle Shampoo - The shampoo gently cleanses the hair as well as the scalp. The oat oil contained in the shampoo brings shine, strengthens and protects the hair. Blueberry extract moisturizes and refreshes the scalp. The shampoo is perfect for both short and long hair. Also suitable for daily use.


Lingonberry Thickening Shampoo - The shampoo brings airiness to the hair and restores its elasticity. The lavender oil contained in the shampoo enhances the growth of new hair and helps prevent hair breakage. Shampoo lingonberry extract balances the pH of the scalp and is suitable for even irritated scalp.


Mint Shampoo for Oily hair - The shampoo effectively balances and deeply cleanses the scalp. Shampoo prolongs the time between washes. The peppermint oil contained in the shampoo accelerates blood circulation in the scalp and gives it a cooling and refreshing feeling. For use on long or treated hair, a conditioner after washing is recommended.


Carnation Deep cleaning Shampoo - The shampoo effectively washes away dirt and styling remnants from the hair as well as greasy hair. The rosemary and palm oil contained in the shampoo balance th