Only high-quality arabica coffee beans have been used in our light roasted coffee blend. We have selected ethically produced, mutually supportive coffees from the regions of Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. Brazil and Colombia bring a gentle acidity and balance to a sturdy coffee where you can find sweet chocolateiness, a slightly nutty aroma and a peach that gives the coffee a slightly sweet aftertaste. Guatemala brings a delicate acidity and balance to your coffee where you can find sweet chocolateiness as well as a slightly nutty aroma. Together we get a coffee with a degree of roasting and a citrus-like acidity and a medium-strong structure. The aromas include a bit of nuts, soft chocolate and a sweet fruity aftertaste.
100% Arabica
Country of origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru
Process: Washed
SCA: 86
Taste: Citrus-like sour coffee with nuts and sweet chocolate
Frame: Lightweight

Light Filter coffee

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