Plywood earrings - Lovely Mary, pin


Mother Mary is a messenger of pure love, compassion, and grace. She is the protector of all mothers, mothers, and children. The wonderful Mary reminds you of your maternal and caring love for yourself. Absolute and all-lasting love makes your inner child chatter with joy and happiness. Close yourself to an accepting and loving embrace as often as possible. Remember to be merciful to yourself.


Materials: high-quality domestic 2 mm birch plywood, stainless steel Dimensions: height about 7 cm, width 3 cm Made in Finland. The surface of the earrings is treated on both sides. There is a portrait on the front and the background is tinted in one color. The reasons for the surface of the plywood make each earring individual and the surface vibrant. The cutting surface / edge is wood-colored. The new laser-cut piece of jewelry has a delicate smell of smoke. However, this will soon disappear in use.

Sointu Design - Ihanainen Maria

VAT Included