Plywood Earrings - Lovely Marilyn, with pin attachment


One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I'm a woman. That's how every female should feel. - Marilyn Lovely Marilyn reminds you to appreciate your own femininity. Be you. Only you can define your own femininity.


Materials: high-quality Finnish 2 mm birch plywood, stainless steel Dimensions: height about 7 cm, width 3 cm. Made in Finland. The lovely Marilyn will be delivered to you in a stylish jewelry box with your very own note. Every lovely person in the collection has their very own uplifting message. The surface of the earrings is treated on both sides. There is a portrait on the front and the background is painted in a solid tone with the rest of the jewelry. The reasons for the plywood surface make each earring unique and vibrant. The cutting surface / edge is wood-colored. A new feature in laser-cut jewelry is the faint smell of smoke, which will soon disappear in use.

Sointu Design - Ihanainen Marilyn

VAT Included