The nightless nights of the Finnish summer ripen the desired treasure of our bogs. Hilla, lacquer, finch or valokki is our yellow cloud-shaped aromatic berry known by many names. You can tell what has pollinated the berry from the size of it. Pollination from a mosquito or small beetle results in small berries and larger berries are the work of bumblebees. Year after year, tenacious collectors roam the marshes and swamps in search of this golden berry.


Sola - Hillan Hurma - Organic Mildly Scented Cloudberry soap - Vegan

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Organic rapeseed oil *, organic coconut oil, castor oil, water *, lye, apricot kernel oil, jam berry crumb *, bay leaf and Siberian spruce essential oils.


* Finnish / North Karelian raw material.