Tapio is the protector of Finnish forests, its long-bearded and moss-clad king. He manages and protects the forest and its animals. Tapio's wife is Mielikki, the hostess of the forest, and the source of the beauty of the forest. You can sense the presence of Tapio as you walk through the surreal forests of Northern Karelia. In the summer, the greenery of the forest and the sounds of animals empower human life. In winter the forest is white and eerily quiet. On a frosty day, when the sun is shining, the forest is like a magical wonderland.

This soap contains spruce, nettle and birch leaves from the forests of North Karelia. Essential oils bring mythical scents from the kingdom of Tapio.

Sola - Korven Isäntä - Organic Scented Spruce & Nettle soap - Vegan

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Rapeseed oil *, organic coconut oil, water *, lye, castor oil, juniper, cypress, palmar part, organic peppermint *, pachouli and lavender essential oils, nettle leaves *, spruce leaves *, birch leaves *.


* Finnish / North Karelian raw materials