In a world-born poem, a mess flying over the sea finds its first nesting place in a swamp. The swamp is a mystical and scary place. Dangerous vein eyes were considered a gateway to the other side. The bog is guarded by Hiisi, who also receives gifts: For the winter, bogs are collected in cupboards, as they keep moths and other pests away. From the swamps you get delicious Hams and wonderfully caring peat. The peat applied to the whole body in the sauna removes waste products. Granite-colored soap with lots of peat and honey and a little rosemary essential oil. Peat and honey care and pamper the skin!

Sola - Mesiturve - Organic Scented Peat soap

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VAT Included

Rapeseed oil *, water *, organic coconut oil, lye, cosmetic grade peat *, honey *, castor oil, rosemary essential oil, beeswax *.


* Finnish / North Karelian raw material.