All the seasons in the forest are magical. Each season has its own scents, colors and sounds. The trunks of pine trees glow golden red in the light of the setting autumn sun and the sleepy silence of winter. The intoxicating power of spring glows with new life as the wind brings the white scent of birch.The old people spoke of birch as the mother of forest nature because it has so much to give.


This is a Four-season soap with spruce leaves and birch leaves from the pure nature of North Karelia. From the oils used in your soap, the freshness of the forest and the earth is transferred to your skin.

Sola - MetsänTaika - Organic Scented Spruce & Birch soap - Vegan

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Rapeseed oil *, organic coconut oil, water *, lye, pine bark extract *, castor oil, essential oils of Siberian spruce, pine, patchouli and organic marjoram, spruce *, birch leaves *.


* Finnish / North Karelian raw material.