The wind carried the a foreign spore until it latched onto a frost covered birch branch. Over time, dark-speaking crackling mycelium grew through the side of the tree. The birch had gotten a partner. Pakuri, thanks to its many advantages, has been used in folk healing for many ailments since the 16th century. Pakuri is a strong antioxidant and the birch resin or betulin it contains kills bacteria.

Our delicate green and coniferous forest fragrant soap is especially suitable for psoriatics, atopics and otherwise delicate, sensitive skin due to the regenerating effect of birch resin. Finnish delicate hair loves this soap!

Sola - Pakurin Mahti - Organic Mild Scented soap for hair & skin - Vegan

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Organic rapeseed oil *, organic coconut oil, castor oil, water *, lye, sourdough *, cedar, juniper and pine essential oils.


* Finnish / North Karelian raw material.