Plants and Coffees

You know that best cup'a Joe you once had? Unison's coffee will replace that memory with your very own Nordic roasted Best cup'a Joe! Sustainable, Fair trade, and best of all truly great coffee.
The town of Joensuu, about 80 kms away from Sujulas retail store smells heavenly when you drive by it. And you know Unison Coffee is roasting another batch. They roast their coffee by hand, utilizing modern equipment while truly preserving their traditional coffee roasting methods using meticulous craftmanship and uniform production. Whether you like your coffee roasted and grounded, or like to cook it on a pot over a fire, would rather grind the roasted beans yourself, or would prefer the coffee to be instant, Unison coffee has you covered.





Kuhnustantie 8,
83940 Juuka


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